Adolescent Therapy

Portrait of happy teens on stairs looking at camera



  • Is your teenager unable to appropriately express and cope with their emotions?
  • Is your teenager unmotivated? Are areas in their life such as their academics suffering as a result?
  • Is your teenager experiencing social problems? Are they having difficulty making and maintaining friendships?
  • Is your teenager Sad? Anxious? Angry?
  • Is your teenager showing signs of addiction or poor impulse control (.e.g., substance abuse, video game excess, eating disorder, self mutilation, gambling problems etc.)?


Teenage years can often be a difficult period for parents and their children. As adolescents search for an identity, they are exposed to a myriad of pressures and often do not yet possess the coping skills needed to deal with these pressures on a daily basis. The life experience of an adolescent is distinct and requires a sensitive and secure approach that takes into account a teenager’s frustrations and inner conflicts. Dr. Koenig’s work with adolescents has resulted in positive life changes that affect the client’s view of the world and bring harmony into their homes. He is skilled at teaching them how to express their wants and needs in a more productive way.


Dr. Koenig is an expert in the field of communication and has had great success in working through parent-child relationship conflicts. Dr. Koenig will not only provide you and your teenager with new communication tools, but also educate you on healthy conflict resolution. Teenage years are often difficult, but with Dr. Koenig’s help, significant strides can be made to make these years rewarding for your teenager and your family.

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