Adult Therapy

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  • Are you looking to develop a better relationship with yourself and others?
  • Are you having a relationship problem or conflict (e.g., your significant other, parent, child, friend, boss, colleague etc.)?
  • Are you feeling lost or concerned about what your future holds? Are you dissatisfied with your career?
  • Are you feeling depressed?
  • Are you experiencing anxiety? Do you sometimes suffer from panic attacks?
  • Are you having problems controlling and managing your anger?
  • Are you experiencing signs of addiction (e.g., substance abuse, gambling, etc.)?


Dr. Koenig recognizes that every person is unique and uses an individualized, yet eclectic approach to treatment. He views the therapeutic relationship as a collaborative one, and he will work with you to create a treatment plan that specifically addresses your needs. It is Dr. Koenig’s goal to provide a safe, secure, and confidential environment where you can share your thoughts and feelings without fear of judgment or blame.


Dr. Koenig’s approach is centered on relieving clients of their emotional or psychological pain by helping you recognize the correlation between your thoughts and feelings. He believes that helping you to accept your past and move away from it will allow you to become more confident and self-assured about your future. Dr. Koenig will work with you in the hopes of creating a unique partnership that will ultimately lead to a happier and healthier quality of life.

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