Jul 2017

From ages 5 to 10, kids develop an understanding of what it means to lie. If they’ve been raised in a home and a school where there are clear rules and consequences about the importance of telling the truth, they should always strive to be honest. They should want their parents, siblings, friends, teachers and […]


Oct 2016

Power struggles in parenting are common, but they can also be stressful, unpleasant and negatively impact the relationship you have with your child. In a power struggle, nobody wins! The good news is that implementing some consistent strategies can significantly reduce power struggles. When we learn how to reduce power struggles, we are teaching our […]


Oct 2016

How To Communicate With Your Adolescent About Drugs & Alcohol Every adolescent will be exposed to drugs and alcohol at some point in their lives and research has shown that exposure and usage is occurring at a young age more than ever before. Encouraging your child to avoid the temptation and peer pressure associated with […]


Aug 2016

  One of my main areas of focus in working with families is helping them to recognize the importance of establishing healthy parent and child communication. While your children battle issues of hormones, desiring more autonomy, confronting peer pressure and searching for an identity, parents are also dealing with many obstacles and questions as well. […]


Jul 2016

Although summer can be a wonderful time to decompress, one thing in particular I have noticed over the years is that the summer presents a wonderful opportunity to address any particular issue your child is experiencing.

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