Child Therapy

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  • Is your child experiencing behavioral or emotional problems at home or in school?
  • Is your child having difficulty in regards to attention and concentration? Are they too hyperactive? Do you find yourself having to repeat the same directions/instructions multiple times before they do what you have asked?
  • Is your child oppositional? Do you constantly find yourself engaged in a power struggle?
  • Does your child have poor impulse control and difficulty regulating their emotions? Are they having frequent emotional outbursts?
  • Does your child have a difficult time socially, making and maintaining friendships? Are they having difficulty getting along with their sibling (s)?
  • Is your child experiencing separation anxiety?
  • Does your child seem sad or withdrawn or perhaps suffering from poor self-esteem?
  • Is your child having a difficult time adjusting to a significant life change such as a divorce or separation, loss, relocating, etc.?


Every child needs an advocate. Dr. Koenig’s caring and compassionate approach enables him to engage with children in a unique way. He has a way of relating to children that is rare and hard to come by. Some children have not acquired the necessary coping skills to deal with their thoughts and feelings. Others may not feel comfortable talking to their parent or guardian about something that is troubling them. Many children are not given the opportunity to fully explore and process their thoughts and feelings in a safe environment. Dr. Koenig’s focus and main objective is to make each child feel special, confident, safe and secure.


Many of his clients may experience issues as a result of a distressing event or situation, while others may be more inherently atypical. Parents have a strong tendency to blame themselves without having a full understanding that each child comes into the world with their own disposition. Dr. Koenig’s treatment plan will be customized to meet your child’s individual needs, and he will work closely with you to ensure the plan is implemented in the home and in school.


For parents that are perhaps interested in working in a group environment with other parents, please contact Dr. Koenig directly regarding his widely known Behavioral Modification Parenting Group. This ongoing Parenting Group is designed to educate and assist parents in the process of creating a behavior modification plan that meets your child’s individual needs. The group is highly confidential and the parents in the groups are very supportive of one another.

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