Couples & Family Therapy

Portrait of middle-aged couple



  • Have you and your significant other(s) lost your way and need to learn how to better communicate?
  • Are you contemplating or going through a separation or divorce? Perhaps there are children involved and you want to work together more effectively as co-parents?
  • Are you experiencing conflicts in your relationship due to parenting differences?
  • Do you feel your significant other (s) is not validating your thoughts and feelings?
  • Are you and your significant other experiencing sexual/intimacy problems?
  • Are you thinking about Premarital counseling?
  • Are you and your partner struggling with infidelity issues?


The connection between couples and family members is often fraught with complexity, disappointments and unmet expectations. Communication is Dr. Koenig’s area of expertise, and he has a unique approach to helping clients leverage their strengths so that they can be better connected with the people that they care about most. Dr. Koenig encourages a safe environment where his clients can freely express their thoughts and feelings with one another. Dr. Koenig will not only provide you with new healthy communication tools, but also educate you on how to facilitate healthy conflict resolution.

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