Educational Advocate

Dr. Koenig supports families as an educational advocate to help navigate the often overwhelming and confusing maze of special education and helps to ensure that your child/teenager is receiving the proper accommodations at school, setting them up for success to reach their academic and/or social-emotional potential.

Children with special needs including ADHD, dyslexia, executive functioning deficits, social-emotional issues and other learning disabilities may be eligible to receive special services, accommodations or modifications in school under state law. 

Dr. Koenig will assist you in every step of this process by:

    • Attending meetings at your school as your family advocate to represent your child and become part of your child’s educational team.
    • Reviewing all school records and any evaluations your child may have had.
    • Determining the specific problems that may be interfering with the educational and/or social-emotional needs of your child.
    • Developing and recommending specific strategies for both school and home to help your child succeed.
    • Ensuring that your school is held accountable and is following the laws by providing services for your child. Dr. Koenig will help your school develop goals and monitor your child’s progress.
  • Providing parents with information and options if the school cannot provide your child with the proper accommodations they need.

There are two main laws that govern individuals diagnosed with or identified as having special needs or disabilities for students receiving public education:

    • Section 504 is a civil rights law. It prohibits discrimination in schools and other institutions receiving federal funds of individuals with disabilities. If a child qualifies for services under Section 504, he or she can receive accommodations and/or modifications in the classroom.
  • IDEA is a Federal Special Education Act prohibiting discrimination of children with special needs. If a child qualifies under IDEA, an Individualized Educational Program (IEP) must be developed.

For Children and Teenagers who attend a private school:

    • Student Study Team (SST) is geared towards children and teenagers attending private education. The purpose of the SST is to design a support system for students having difficulty in the regular classroom.

Dr. Koenig understands the laws that affect children with academic challenges, special needs and/or social-emotional concerns and is up to date with all changes in regulations. In addition to understanding the laws, Dr. Koenig is experienced in knowing which services both public and private schools can provide.

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