Family Problems: San Diego Child Therapist

When it comes to managing family matters that can often feel overwhelming, a San Diego Child Therapist can be a wonderful resource. Whether you and your partner are experiencing difficulties with your first born, need help managing sibling rivalry, or your child seems to be struggling in a particular area, child therapy can be a great asset. So often, children may not feel comfortable talking to their parent or guardian about something that is troubling them. In addition, some children have not yet acquired the necessary coping skills to deal with their thoughts and feelings. Dr. Scott Koenig, a top rated San Diego Family therapist has a proven track record of helping children cope with their emotional and behavioral issues.

Therapy Session BenefitsSan Diego Family Therapy

A therapy session can provide your child with a safe environment to express their thoughts and feelings. It can also help your child and your family to find effective ways to communicate and interact, while also increasing their self-awareness and emotional intelligence. A treatment plan will be customized to meet your child’s individual needs, and Dr. Koenig will work closely with you to ensure the plan is implemented in the home as well as in school. To make an appointment with Dr. Koenig or to learn more about his services, please visit